Best of the BEST OF’s

Just a quick post here – a couple of invaluable resources for those of you keen to check out cool music and new bands from 2010. Both NPR Music and do a great job of publishing Top 10 lists along with audio clips and/or music vids of the bands. There are also podcasts to download.

Broken Bells, Broken Bells, Broken Bells! And some Ray LaMontagne.

I especially liked Michael Katzif’s Top 5 Cover Tunes, although he missed out on my favorite cover of the year: the Noisettes’ ‘Ever Fallen in Love with Someone’. If you haven’t heard this or seen the video check it out:

Good music should be celebrated! Tell me what your favorite tunes have been this year.

Have a Happy Tuneful Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Best of the BEST OF’s

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  1. Well you and I are definitely on the Broken Bells, Broken Bells, Broken Bells wavelink!

    I don’t know if I forwarded it to you but NPR Music had picked Tyler’s band, San Saba County, as one to watch/listen to during SXSW. I have nothing but respect for NPR Music so I was beside myself 🙂

    1. I’m listening to The Ghost Inside right now!

      That’s so cool about San Saba County. I have that one CD you sent over. Are they working on another record? Any thoughts on The Black Keys? The KCRW DJs seem to love them but I haven’t been tempted to buy anything of their’s.

      Thanks for posting!

  2. As a music-loving native Texan (daughter named after Lucinda Williams) who lived/worked/went to art school in LA and still listens to KCRW (and suffers through LA traffic updates) online, halleluja. I am not alone!

    1. Right On and Amen! What are you listening to these days? Heard a new track from Lucinda just the other day. That woman is prolific! Thanks for reading!

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