Monday Morning Music – Sea Stars

Oh the holiday hangover, not the alcoholic kind, but the kids-on-ChineseNY-holiday-week-off-sleeping-late variety. So difficult to get out of bed when the alarm rings at 7am. But now EO and YO  are off at school and I'm connecting to a caffeine drip, revising my To-Do list - projects almost completed, ongoing, troublesome - and listening to... Continue Reading →

Focused, Fearless, Feckless or Reckless? You in Your ‘20s

So I was walking through the IFC mall in Central (Hong Kong’s business district), and I couldn’t help but notice this good-looking guy walking by. Just noticing, mind you! He was nicely dressed, well-groomed, good hair but his entire neck was covered in a tattoo. A huge tattoo! And all I could think was: thank... Continue Reading →

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