Taylor Swift in Hong Kong – OMG!

This is the blog where I blog about not being allowed to blog about the Taylor Swift concert. I like to call it: Operation Seriously, Mommy! You see, as I’m learning, in the tween-girl lexicon, the word “Seriously” carries a multitude of meanings, including but not limited to: 1. Are you serious? 2. You’re not... Continue Reading →

This is What Childhood Sounds Like

1. Follow link to YouTube. 2. Press play. 3. Enjoy. We’ve got fireworks, confetti and making music by pounding on things! No cynicism, no scorn, no disbelief - only joy, only fun, only love. What more could you want? I’ve watched this Jonsi video ("Animal Arithmetric" from XLRecordings) a gazillion times and just marvel at... Continue Reading →

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