It’s the real rockmom, for real

Therockmom says, 'Don't wrinkle my dress, children.'

For all my friends and readers outside of Hong Kong, here’s what my life – as a rockmom – looks like on a daily basis:

I enjoy wearing a faux fur stole and costume jewelry as I look at pretty pictures with my two tousled hair children. I do have perfectly manicured nails and flawless makeup (at the end of the day no less). And yes, I know my roots are showing and my boobs could use a little lift, but never you mind. I am living elegantly.

I am spending precious quality time with my children after they’ve been brought home from ballet, violin, soccer and Kumon by my two helpers (one for each child) and before I go out for another Celine handbag launch in hopes that I might end up in the society pages.

The Lily, where I now reside, is ‘the embodiment of modern elegance expressly designed for families seeking a superior quality of life in Hong Kong’. Expressly designed. I won’t mention that actually the building has sat vacant for the last nine years or so, was going to be a hotel at one point, and has only recently been re-branded for family living.

A true Hong Kong favorite: unnatural, unflattering recessed ceiling lights.

So what does it cost to live in The Lily? For a four bedroom, two bathroom apartment of over 3,500 square feet, we pay an absolutely reasonable HK$175,000 (US$22,000) per month*, not including management fees and government rates of course. It’s really a fantastic deal, considering we’re just a short walk to the lovely Repulse Bay beach.

Now I know some of you think of Repulse Bay only for its abysmal triad-controlled cafes and tour buses full of mainlanders, but it’s really a lovely stretch of beach. As long as there’s no red tide. And you stay away from the red ants, which live on the few scattered trees. Bring your own shade, I’ve learned!

It's f-ugly but who cares? The company's paying!

Well, dear readers, I’m off. Our driver is waiting downstairs.

But I, therockmom, will be back next time with thoughts on the new Miley Cyrus video – so ‘90s Coco Chanel/Vanessa Paradis…

*I am not kidding, this is not a typo.

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