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It started in 2013 as a simple way to document Hong Kong. A way to look at my home in a different light. See I’ve lived here for a long time, and I’ve got tons of tourist-y pics of the place: the harbor, the Peak, the Star Ferry, back streets, temples, escalators, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to do something different, so I thought I’d combine my small obsession with Maneki Neko (Japanese lucky cat) with my ‘home’ town.

But then the series branched out, and I found Maneki Neko’s all over the world: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, Spain and the US. Anywhere people are looking for luck. I’m slowly transitioning these pics to Instagram at @100manekinekos and of course, always looking for new images!

In the meantime, here are the results, from the most recent to the first.

An ongoing series, 2013-2021:

Maneki Neko #54

I love this moment.

Slow afternoon at the laundry with Maneki Neko #54, Kennedy Town, HK.


Maneki Neko #53

Is this what the Maneki Neko gods intended???

2018 and here we are. Maneki Neko #53, at HK G.O.D. shop, Central.


Maneki Neko #52

Can you spot her?

Waiting patiently.

For your arrival.

Maneki Neko #52, foot massage parlour, Midlevels, HK


maneki neko 51

G’day from Maneki Neko #51 at Champion Ramen, Brisbane AUS. Note the subtle green & gold colouring of this lovely specimen.


maneki neko 50

We are up to Maneki Neko #50!!! Goes well with any decor, even mid century modern. Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong.


maneki neko 49

The sky inside. Maneki Neko #49 at your friendly neighbourhood bone setter, Quarry Bay, HK.


maneki neko 48

Vietnam takes its Buddhism & Taoism very seriously but nice to see room for a spiritual newcomer! Maneki Neko #48, Can Tho.


maneki neko 46 & 47

Tats & Cats! Maneki Nekos #46 & 47 at a Ho Chi Minh tattoo parlour, Vietnam.


maneki neko 45

Look who joined us for dinner! Maneki Neko #45 & pals Happy Buddha, God of Money & God of Land. Tra Vinh, Vietnam.


maneki neko 44

Maneki Neko #44 & the toys of war, Wan Chai HK. ‘Or the children play a game called soldiers.’


maneki neko Song One

Let’s just ‘paws’ for the Maneki Neko (w/Anne Hathaway’s hand) in the movie Song One. Yeah!


maneki neko 43

In a Barcelona coffee shop, Maneki Neko #43 meets the Baby Jesus. Paz. Y Suerte.


maneki neko 42

Merry Maneki Christmas, y’all! Maneki Neko #42 at the fantastic Book People, Austin, Texas.


maneki neko 41

Kitsch & Kitty. Maneki Neko #41 on Hollywood Road, Central HK.


maneki neko 40

Set a course for adventure! Maneki Neko #40 courtesy of guest photographer, Carol. Discovery Bay, HK.


Maneki Neko #39 (video)

Maneki neko #38

Why yes, I will exit through the gift shop. Maneki Neko #38, Washington DC’s Chinatown.

DC’s Chinatown is quite small these days, hardly more than a block. Outside this small shop was an historical sign stating that this is the site where Mary Surratt was arrested as a co-conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre (a couple of blocks away). Surratt was tried, convicted and hanged for her crime in 1865. Here’s a wider view:

maneki neko #38a*

maneki neko #37

Did you miss us? Maneki Neko #37 ad infinitum. Found at Ho Lee Fook restaurant, Soho, HK.


maneki neko #36

Streets of Man FranNeko. Maneki Neko #36 in the Super Shuttle, San Francisco.


maneki neko #35

A cuppa & a lucky cat. Maneki Neko #35 at Goody coffee shop, San Francisco.


Maneki neko #34

Objects in gift shop are larger than they appear. Super size Maneki Neko #34. Ngong Ping Village, Lantau.


Maneki neko #33

“Let’s Be Careful Out There.” Cat Street Blues with Maneki Neko #33, early morning Tin Hau.


Maneki neko #32

Maneki Neko #32 offers you Wisdom & Peace & a foot massage. We need more of these places in the world. Chi Fu, Hong Kong.


Maneki neko #29-31

Please give. Maneki Neko’s #29, 30 & 31. Jardine House, Central, HK.


Maneki Neko #28

The bamboo passes before my eyes. Maneki Neko #28 in a Mongkok car parts shop window, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


maneki neko #27a

So the little ones say, “Do your Pryor bit, do your Pryor bit.” And the big one says, “Tell Cosby to have a Coke & a smile & shut TF up!” Maneki Neko #27, Kennedy Town, HK.


maneki neko #26

Have your cat & eat it too. Chocolate Maneki Neko #26. CitySuper, HK (imported from Japan of course).


Maneki neko #25

Now that’s my kind of lai see packet. Year of the Maneki Neko #25. Pokfulam, HK. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Maneki neko #24

First Maneki Neko of 2014, after Christmas holiday. Good to be back in foodie paradise!!! Beef udon & Maneki Neko #24 for lunch. Central, HK.

maneki neko installation 2

I found nirvana in Bangkok. An INSTALLATION of Maneki Nekos (#23), Ramen shop, Siam Square. Isn’t it glorious?

maneki neko installation in context

Here’s the installation in context, behind the woman selling sticky rice bundles. Skytrain above, people all around.

Maneki neko #22

ROAD TRIP Maneki Neko’s, taken during a weekend in Bangkok, December 2013. No protests here. Just Maneki Neko #22 with reflecting traffic. Bangkok Eye Clinic, Thailand.

Maneki neko #21

“You can call me Queen Bee” (Lorde). So fancy Maneki Neko #21, Queen’s Road frame shop, Wan Chai, HK.

Maneki neko #19 & 20

They live side by side yet they’ve never met. Maneki Nekos #19 & 20 in the shopping arcade ’round the corner, Western.

Maneki neko #18

If someone would just notice me. Dusty Maneki Neko #18, amongst the medicated oils & vitality pills. Jordan, HK.

Maneki neko #17

This could just be an urban myth, but years ago I was told that these little boutiques are what Hong Kong men give their mistresses. So I’ve named this ‘The Other’ Maneki Neko #17. Happy Valley, HK.

Maoneki neko #16

Chairman Maoneki Neko #16, second hand shop, Hollywood Road, HK.

Mindfulness in about a minute.

Maneki neko #14

After hours Maneki Neko #14, noodle shop, Central, HK.

Maneki Neko #13

Life is passing me by. Maneki Neko #13. Shop window, Queen’s Road W, Sheung Wan, HK.

Maneki Neko #12

Backseat drivers. Maneki Neko #12, Midlevels, HK.

Maneki Neko #11

Is that bondage gear? One-eyed Maneki Neko #11, WanChai, HK. Wonder what happens after closing?

Maneki Neko #10

Lit like Garbo. Maneki Neko #10, music centre, Tin Hau, HK. Signs say: Health * Long Life * Money * Fortune. All u need?

Maneki Neko #9

Jazz hands! Maneki Neko #9 in the dance supplies shop. Admiralty, HK.

Maneki Neko #8

Dashboard Maneki Neko lucky #8, with Buddhas & Shrek. Kowloon taxi, HK. Lady driver showed us pics of her daughter, sweet.

Maneki Neko #7

The cats with the midas touch? AKA Pussy Galore AKA gold Maneki Neko #7. Souvenir shop, Stanley Market, HK.

Maneki Neko #6

Friday night! Jedi knights or Maneki Neko #6? Souvenir shop – light sabers on ceiling – Wan Chai, HK.

Maneki Neko #5

Maneki Neko #5, a real favorite. Surrounded by feng shui elements and dried goods. Sheung Wan, HK. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Maneki Neko #4

Maneki Neko #4 with Barbies & street reflections. Singer store, Sheung Wan, HK.

Maneki Neko #3

Maneki Neko #3 with cheongsam, joss sticks & reflecting tree. Sheung Wan, HK.

Maneki Neko #2

Maneki Neko #2, dentist’s office, Central, HK. Protects you from cavities! Nail polish is a nice touch, don’t you think?

Maneki neko #1

Maneki Neko #1, oddly enough, comes from Los Angeles, a small bead shop in Santa Monica. The girl at the register collects them. We got to talking and she said she had family living in Discovery Bay. Small world.

ALL PHOTOS property of If you want to use one, just ask.

© J.S. Deayton

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