Mother’s Little Helper

So often I’m asked, ‘Hey Rockmom, how do you stay so relevant?’

Because you know, these days, it’s not enough to refer to yourself in the third person or date Jake Gyllenhaal (God knows we’ve all tried) or even replace your bottom teeth with diamonds.

Q: if you don’t brush, do you get summoned to the Hague for possessing dirty diamonds?

Proving that brilliant and stupid are no longer mutually exclusive

No, you’ve got to come up with the cool goods, day after day, erratic blog after erratic blog. It’s no wonder people wonder, ‘How does she do it?’

Well, I’m here to tell you, my small but rabid readership (You shall now be referred to as the Fox Terriers of blog readers!), here are some of the things I don’t do:

1. I don’t go out every night checking out bands at skanky dives in search of the next big thing.
2. I don’t hang out with A&R guys/gals for insight in to what’s hitting hard in two thousand and now.
3. I don’t have a lifeline to that French MC who used to date Sofia Coppola but now spins newly-discovered tunes as the in-house DJ for that pop-up store that sells funky clothes endorsed by Alexa Chung…

Naw, I don’t do any of that. Namely because I can’t do any of that. Hell, I don’t think I need to remind you that I live in Hong Kong, the place where molecular cocktails and Michael Buble are a happening night out.

If I’m going to have any sway in this pop culture universe we call home, I gots to stay ill. I gots to keep it tight. I gots to use slanguage that would mortify my preteen daughter.

But most of all, I have to surf the internet.

So simple, you say, so lame. Have I disappointed you, my Foxy Brown Terriers? You were expecting some wicked insight into my je ne sais rock quo? Some explanation for my tuneful deftness during pub quizzes?

Wait! Before you pull the curtain on this Lyrical Oz, please understand that my aim is true. And if you know the artist who sang that line then you have an insight in to my musical heart. Music is my hobby, my passion, my drug, my, my … porn. (Well, that and interior design magazines but that’s another story.)

I devote hours to listening, reading, writing and talking about music and then run up countless pennies on iTunes – The Spinners, School of Seven Bells AND Blind Faith on one playlist. Yes! All for the harmonious joy in finding cool tunes, that special drug-hit wonder of hearing something awesome, remarkable and rare.

They photoshopped my dog!

And if you are still reading this, my FBTs, I trust you share my zeal. For I am but a mere envoy, a disciple, a Sister, sharing the gospel of… Hark! To Hear the Herald Angels Sing. Must be Glory, Glory, Glorious…

And Happy Holidays to You All!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Helper

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  1. “Hey, Rockmom, how DO you stay so relevant?” I’d go down the Jake Gyllenhaal route..if it were only possible….
    The quote is from Elvis Costello and no need to ask if I have an insight into your musical Heart of Darkness – you know it girl…

    1. Well, I’ve got Taylor Swift to look forward to… lol

      And now just heard that MARY J BLIGE will tour Japan (naturally) and Kuala Lumpur next month. KL????? KL!!!!!! Oh, the humanity.

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