Gwyneth Does Glee aka Vote For Me

It’s Friday and it’s a beautiful day outside. I was contemplating a serious blog post this week about overcoming my parental fears as my oldest daughter asks for more freedom and responsibility (like her own gmail account & walking home from the bus stop by herself – cue anxiety attack!). Instead I’ve made a ‘teen... Continue Reading →

Hathor Diaries (via LETHAL LEXICON)

A good friend of mine in the UK has started a blog - mostly sci-fi fiction. Very visual. The Hathor Diaries  Day 01: Mournday, Doomsday, Weirdsday, Thirstday, Dieday, Scatterday, Sunday….Sunday… every day is Sunday now…except when the dust storms block out the glare. The radiation in the atmosphere makes the shimmering halos which circle the... Continue Reading →

Kings of Lincoln’s Legacy?

This Saturday - November 6 – marks the 150th anniversary of the election of Abraham Lincoln. I know this only because I recently read a NY Times OP-ED by the writer, Tony Horwitz. Horwitz is a journalist and the author of Confederates in the Attic, which is a funny, fascinating look at the enduring legacy... Continue Reading →

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