I’m from Texas but I’ve lived and worked in Hong Kong for 20+ years, mainly writing and editing for TV, film, web and print. When I first started this blog, Hong Kong was a fine place if you loved Canto-pop or K-pop but terrible if you enjoyed real live music and good rock-n-roll and country. However, in the last ten years, the scene has definitely changed for the better as more and more indie bands and big touring acts make their way to our shores. We’re still crap when it comes to country and alt-country, but hey! I remind myself, you’re not in Austin anymore 🙂

My main reason for writing this blog is to reconnect to the music I love and to the people I love who love music. Along the way I’ve found I’m writing a lot about my kids – EO the Eldest One and YO the Youngest One – and about how they’re experiencing and consuming music. They think The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Neko Case and Radiohead are weird, but I’m hopeful.

You can find more of my work at: http://www.hongkongbodega.com/

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  1. Didn’t we see Green Day at the Pond? I remember standing in the rain to get in. Excellent show!

    Last show I saw was Blink-182 and the Aqua-bats. Come to SB – we get great shows!

    Love to all of you! kw

  2. check my label – release cool underground hk and china and asia music on my HK diy label

    you can buy vinyl and cd from me at saffron cafe on the peak 100 peak road dairy farm bldg – 5 mins walk from the galleria

    come and say hi

    1. Hi Sean, thanks for posting. I’ve passed by your cafe many times while walking my dog. Will have to stop in soon. I finally found time to check out Cambodian Space Project – just watched the doc trailer about Thy. Man, sorry I missed them live last time they were in Hong Kong! What a groovy sound. Best of luck to them at SXSW – Austin is my old stomping grounds so if they need any barbeque joint or Tex-Mex recommendations, let me know! And please let me know next time they’re in HK.

    1. Thanks for reading Thom! Just had a quick look through your recent posts – Lucinda Williams, hell yeah – and am now listening to Amalia Rodrigues. Beautiful.

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