Monday Morning Music – Sparrow (UPDATED)

Wow! I’m so excited to share this new music with you all. ‘Sparrow’ by Tim Shiel stopped me in my tracks—I heard it on Chris Douridas’ weekly show on The video is beautiful too: simple concept with a wonderful performance.

Here’s some background: Tim Shiel is an Australian radio announcer and electronic musician. He’s from Melbourne and hosts shows on Australia’s triple j and Double J stations.

For ‘Sparrow’, he collaborated with Kaitlin Keegan (vocals & lyrics) and Leah Kardos (piano). Keegan is a Melbourne-based songwriter while Kardos, also Australian, is a composer, writer and lecturer in London. The snippets of spoken-word come from Barbara Sher (TEDxPrague).

Keegan sings, “Take me down the longest road / Feel like time has slowed”

And Sher says, “We depend on each other’s dreams coming true.”

Put together, the song gently and beautifully urges us to keep going, keep going!

‘Sparrow’ was released on Shiel’s Spirit Level label. When I originally wrote this post, I didn’t have any info on the dancer in the video, but after a quick search for Shiel’s contact info and an email, he replied straightaway (thanks Tim!) with the details:

Dancer – Donnie Duncan Jr.

Cinematographer – Hans Peter Schepp

Editor – Tim Shiel himself!

Thanks for reading & please enjoy a gorgeous and inspiring song to start your week!


therockmom x

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