Do These Ads Make My Blog Look Big?

Dear readers,

I’m looking for a little advice here and I’d appreciate your help. As you know, therockmom blog has been trucking along for five years now. I started it as a way to establish a writing routine for myself and share my passion for music. Since then, it’s morphed in to a half music / half motherhood vanity project blog, with the parenting posts generally garnering the most attention. Along the way, I’ve tried to expand my audience by linking to various blog collectives and mummy and expat sites, none of which offer compensation or any kind of ad-sharing opportunities. That’s been fine with me, as I never expected any money from this gig. But now, I guess I’m getting enough eyeballs and I’ve been approached by an Australian outfit that would like me to become one of their (get ready for it) ‘social media influencers’. It sounds a lot fancier than it is, as it’s basically me agreeing for them to host ads on my site. Some smallish ads and vids would start appearing and maybe I’d get a bit of money. Sounds pretty good, right?

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So why do I feel like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby?

Would you think less of me and the blog if say an ad for Lady SpeedStick appeared next to my post about the awesome vocal power of Joan Smith from Little Foot Long Foot?

Would I be selling out to The Man?

I don’t know why I’m so naturally suspicious of these things. It’s not like I was raised by socialists or anything. But I’m confused. So now I’m asking you – because I feel like we’re in this together – for advice, thoughts, suggestions, the phone number of a good lawyer 😉 jk. Who knows? I could make enough money to hire Black Joe Lewis for my next birthday party. Or not.

Let me know what you think! And while you’re doing that, listen immediately to the awesome vocal power of Joan Smith from Little Foot Long Foot. New EP WOMAN comes out next week.

Thanks for your help!



9 thoughts on “Do These Ads Make My Blog Look Big?

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  1. Can the Austrslian outfit target the ads to anticipate my own needs before I myself even understand them? So, for example, on Thursday evenings an ad would pop up for the pizza joint down the street from my house with a coupon?

    But seriously, ads to the side of whatever you’re already writing don’t bother me!

    1. Ha ha. Thought that was on Facebook already. Thanks for the feedback. Hope all is well at your end. I met a Dutch woman the other night who said she had studied in Utrecht and I could honestly say, I’ve heard of that place!

  2. This is a dilemma that I currently have!

    So far, I’ve said no – not for major ethical reasons – but because of the complexities of the vs .org situation. But if you already host your own site then go for it!

    I think most readers accept that, in order to receive great content (like The Rockmom!) for free, it’s better to have a few unobtrusive ads than a full-blown paywall.

    Hmm, maybe I should follow my own awesome advice… ?

    1. Yikes, I’m on WordPress too. I forgot there’s an issue with ads. Thanks for reminding me, I’d better read the fine print.

  3. Hi Jen – well it’s my view that as a general rule of thumb, people do not get paid enough for writing! Look at Margaret Mitchell’s measly one-off fee for Gone With the Wind – I don’t think she got anything for the film! So if there’s a chance you could get paid – go for it! Sounds like a good deal for your profile too, which is what we writers need!

  4. Hi Jennifer, from somebody down the hall, I’d be fine seeing ads on your blog. It just tells us you have ARRIVED. Best, Ann

  5. In a week when CNNI is taking an “in depth look” at Thailand – brought to you by, um, Thailand – I would say, “Go for it.”

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