THE TEENAGE MIND: a rockmom comic

My first comic! A collaboration with artist/illustrator Bonnie Wong:







page7(no gun)(doctor)




Story & Text: Jennifer S. Deayton
All Artwork: Bonnie Wong
For reprints & permissions, please contact:

About the Artist:

Bonnie Wong is a Hong Kong-based Illustrator. She is now pursuing her Illustration degree in Savannah College of Art and Design(Hong Kong). She works with analog materials and digital. She loves to observe and explore the world. She transforms her everyday thoughts into forms of art as a way to react to the world. They are artworks that communicate.
For more info and artwork, please go to:

5 thoughts on “THE TEENAGE MIND: a rockmom comic

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  1. I’m digging the comic! (You’ve also served to awaken me to the interesting ride that is ahead fir me and my kids! The oldest one is seven, what does that give me? Six years?)

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve been sending the link to our West side crowd πŸ™‚ Everything starts early these days! Brush up on those mood management skills now!

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