Monday Morning Music – Hozier

It’s been several weeks since I posted any enjoyable jams. But while catching up on some SXSW recommendations, I came across Hozier, who’s actually one guy from County Wicklow, Ireland. He made a bit of a splash in Austin last month and he’ll be touring the US this May before taking part in a slew of summer festivals. I like how he mixes blues, pop and even gospel in a way that feels natural and unpretentious. The Irish are good at that, aren’t they?

“Angel of Death and the Codeine Scene” is from his first EP, Take Me To Church. And here’s another track from his latest EP, From Eden.

Please disregard the Shia LaBeouf/James Franco visual vibe he’s got going on, and check him out at And, of course, let me know what you think!

I’ll be taking a break for the rest of the month – we’re going back to Texas to see my Dad – so enjoy your Spring and Happy Easter!

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