Monday Morning Music: Emmylou!

Here’s the everlasting and awesome Emmylou Harris singing ‘Luxury Liner’. This comes courtesy of a band called White Denim who curated a video music set on the Gorilla vs Bear website last week. If you don’t know any of these guys, you should. White Denim are an Austin-based rock band, hard but groovy with psychedelic leanings and great taste in videos. And despite being Dallas Mavericks’ fans, GvsB run an amazing music website. If I had more time in my day, I’d spend it listening to the tunes they choose.

But Emmylou – the voice, the Hot Band, the jams – back when a maxi dress meant something! Nowadays, a maxi dress is just code for posh mummies who keep having kids. Three, four, five, I swear one of them is always pregnant, tanned, poolside, with little Poppy on her hip, calling out to Jasper not to run, making plans to go to Whistler or Verbier. Tell me: do they wear the maxi dress because they’re incredibly fertile or are they incredibly fertile because they wear the maxi dress? Either way, I don’t need to know how much sex they’re having! I’ve got my own concerns.

So go. Enjoy Emmylou. Check out White Denim. Support GvsB. Have a good week 🙂

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