Monday Morning Music: Das Fluff

There’s music for the country, music for the city, music for driving the open road and music for riding the subway, music for day and music for night. If you’re in the mood for some cool urban, night time tunes, look no further than Das Fluff. They’re a British group and they’re not easy to categorize. You could file them under electronica, dance, punk, goth, alternative and be correct on all counts.

I had the pleasure of meeting them last time they were in Hong Kong (read about it here), and have been listening to their latest release over the last few weeks. There’s a gritty, filmic quality to Das Fluff music – makes me want to grab a camera, go out and film the shit out of neon streets and questionable alleyways. The new album, Meditation and Violence, is a great soundtrack for urban dislocation and alienation, where edgy songs like ‘Drop Break Slip Crash’ and ‘100%’ share space with the icy and beautiful ‘Moonsong’ (my favorite on the album).

Not surprisingly, Das Fluff has a large following in Japan. ‘Tokyo Daisuki’, an industrial ode to all things Nippon, came out last year but is on the new album. Here’s the video:

Das Fluff are currently on tour in the UK, supporting Lydia Lunch, but if you can’t make a gig, you can preview the entire album by clicking here.

Check them out and tell me what you think!

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    1. Hi Dave – thanks so much for the link and sorry for the late reply. I’ve been on holiday and TRIED not to be online so much (almost impossible). But I’m back in Hong Kong now and have spent this morning reading Caught in the Carousel, which is amazing! News and interviews on all these bands I love. I was super excited to hear about new Fleet Foxes and New Pornographers in 2014. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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