Lost in Translation, but beautifully so…

Sometimes my blog gets hit by comments that inhabit this netherworld between actual advertising and crazy spam. A Japanese purse retailer called bagmutton.com commented on my Das Fluff piece by merely writing ‘Prada Hermes’ (the Prada was in Japanese, had to Google Translate that). Must be code for ‘Das Fluff rock Tokyo on a regular basis.’ Das Fluff have a big following in Japan so if they’re looking for a sponsor, bagmutton might be keen.

Last week ‘So Cheap Shoes China’ had a go at therockmom’s 2012 wrap-up by writing the following:

Nightfall instances features unexpected blues and purples that tote up to the majesty of the spontaneous phenomenon. Nike Continuous chose to forward with a more public solar manifestation as the ‘Sunset Break down’ edition on their advised Max flagship, a look whose blocking template parallels the up to date ladies stylishness we’re seeing for the original age here today. These unusual womens Nike Show Max+ 2013s blend Hyper Downcast and Pink Dynamism into a beautiful gradient that shows how the 2013 is built due to the fact that both work and beauty. Disillusion admit us positive how they approach to the Sunsets or the simpler two-tone styles we’ve seen and be on the worry because they just dropped in Asia.

A direct translation from Putonghua? Must be because only a non-native English speaker could come up with something so bad yet so beautiful. Disillusion admit us positive. A koan. A promise. A call. Bob Harris and Charlotte on the 52nd floor.

So Cheap Shoes China – I’m a low-mileage Asics fan, I like a high arch, US size 7 1/2 🙂

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