Monday Morning Music: Miranda Lambert

Highway 12 heading west out of San Marcos, driving in and out of rain. High school football stadiums and farm to market roads. Sheep chewing on grass by the fence posts and country on the radio. Lightning forking through the horizon sky.

Almost all of me is back in Hong Kong. The rest, a small part, is still driving Texas back roads listening to the radio, like I always did, from age sixteen onwards.  The voice I hear on this road trip daydream is one of my favorite country singers: Miranda Lambert, who’s from Longview. She’s basically amazing. And not to sound too Project Runway, but she’s classic and edgy at the same time. She does great work solo or with the Pistol Annie’s. Check out ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ and become a fan.

Have a good week!

Round up the herd, weather's coming.
Round up the herd, weather’s coming (photo by therockmom).

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