Monday Morning Music – Little Foot Long Foot

I’m ignoring the laundry hanging out back, the dog hair all over the floor and the dishes in the sink for something far more important – music!

So Amy Adams is currently attached to the long-gestating Janis Joplin film, ‘Get It While You Can’, and of course there are various threads circulating about her casting: good, bad, indifferent? I think Adams is great but I’d love to see a young newcomer in the role, remembering that Janis’ best years were when she was only 24-25 years old. In fact I’ve got a possible candidate right here in lead singer and guitarist, Joan, from the band Little Foot Long Foot.

Here are five reasons why you’ll enjoy this band:

1. Joan’s got a BIG voice and she’s not afraid to use it. Can only imagine what they must be like in concert, but ‘fricking awesome’ comes to mind.

2. They list Sleater-Kinney, Black Keys and Neko Case as influences. In fact, they wrote a song about Neko Case, which sounds great, even though I have no idea what it’s about. I’m not going to list the title here because I think EO has started reading this. Check out their website if you want to know.

3. They called their last album, Oh, Hell.

4. They’re Canadian, and when you think about Canadian music (Bieber, Dion, Twain, B. Adams), you’ve got to give LFLF props for creating so much more than just sucky pop music. Aim high.

5. Their latest video looks straight out of The Midnight Special:

Check ’em out.

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