Monday Morning Music – Foo Fighters!

This goes out to my good pal, Kristin, who sent me a news article about Dave Grohl’s keynote address at the recent SXSW music festival and conference. Grohl – currently the busiest man in showbiz –  spoke (didn’t sing or play) for 55 minutes about his life and music. It was interesting to read that he has sole ownership of his Foo Fighters records, merely licensing the material to record companies for certain periods of time. The Foo’s have sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 million albums, making Grohl not only an awesome rocker but a pretty decent businessman as well.

I’ve always loved their videos, in which the group pairs hard rocking numbers with completely silly stories and images. I’ll leave you with one of their more understated vids, “I’ll Stick Around”, from their debut album. Fun factoid: this one was directed by Jerry Casale, a founding member of Devo.

I like how Pat Smear smiles like he’s got a secret.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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