College Pt 1: the view from Hong Kong

final illu
Conceived by therockmom. Realized by Bonnie Wong.

Kids deserve your high expectations! No, no – they thrive following their own paths! The world needs engineers and doctors. The world needs creative thinkers. If you don’t get in to the Ivy League your life is over. What’s wrong with a state school? Don’t sacrifice Fine Arts in education! Everyone should learn to code!

How are we going to pay for all of this?????

My oldest is two years away from university so we’re already starting down the path: PSAT, IB, ACT, campus visits, personal essays, community service, summer prep work, faultless transcripts, blah, blah, blah.

I waiver from a rebellious ‘Does it really matter?’ attitude to a creeping anxiety that, as a parent, I should be more engaged, more helpful, more ambitious for my kids. Not helped by the fact that I live in Hong Kong, ground zero for Over Achievers Anonymous. A place where you can find a class, workshop or tutor for any and all intellectual, personal or cognitive failings.

It’s easy to say: well, I did this when I was your age and I turned out just fine. Yeah sure – in the ‘80s, when perms were awesome, Cosby was America’s Dad and China was a nation of peasants.

The world is a very different place now.

All I can say is: listen to your kids. And then find a good Physics tutor 😉

With many sincere thanks to Hong Kong artist & creative thinker Bonnie Wong for helping me realize the vision above. You can find her at:

3 thoughts on “College Pt 1: the view from Hong Kong

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  1. Excellent essay and perfect cartoons. Loved the image of the parents putting the kid in the risk-aversion helmet for years.

  2. Hello rockmom!!

    I totally know the pain. In fact, I work at an education centre and this stuff is literally their specialty! We indeed tutor Physics catering to all exam boards especially international school curriculums! Give us a shout if you’re interested in anything at all, I’ll leave our contacts below – we’d be happy to help!

    Lots of Love,
    Vivian xx
    3998 4046

  3. Maybe we can construct a time machine and send them back in time to the 80s and 90s when university was affordable. Might be more straightforward.

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