Hathor Diaries (via LETHAL LEXICON)

A good friend of mine in the UK has started a blog – mostly sci-fi fiction. Very visual.

Hathor Diaries The Hathor Diaries  Day 01: Mournday, Doomsday, Weirdsday, Thirstday, Dieday, Scatterday, Sunday….Sunday… every day is Sunday now…except when the dust storms block out the glare. The radiation in the atmosphere makes the shimmering halos which circle the white-hot centre of the new-world sun – blue-green at noon, red-orange at sunset, grey-brown in the dust storms.  Last dust storm blew itself out over the dunes an hour ago and when it was done m … Read More


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  1. Ha, right back at you my lovely – thanks so much for your support, as ever. There will be instalments each week – the story is just beginning! Hope you can tune in…

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