More proof that Koreans are the coolest people in Asia

Possibly the planet, at this point. Of course I’m talking about PSY and “Gangnam Style”, a little slice of dance-pop heaven that EO and I can’t get out of our heads. You know PSY is taking off - primed for a backlash by now - because he was recently on The Ellen Degeneres Show. She... Continue Reading →

Old Boyfriends & New Loves

The LA Times profile promised a return to alternative goodness – not quite greatness and glory but something worthy of $11.99 on iTunes. Jane’s Addiction were back. Perry, Dave and Stephen joined by bass player, Chris Chaney, with some crucial help in the studio from Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio. Perry talked of... Continue Reading →

The Naked and (Should Be) Famous

I wanted to go with a sports theme this week at therockmom, and link baseball’s World Series with a discussion of some of my favorite Dallas-area bands past and present (Old ‘97s, The Buck Pets, Erykah Badu, Kelly Clarkson). But since the Texas Rangers blew it big time, and since I don’t know any decent... Continue Reading →

West Texas Boys: the good & the bad

It’s almost September and I haven’t filed on therockmom in over two months! What have I been doing? What have I been listening to? Well, aside from entertaining the girls these eight weeks of school holiday, I’ve mainly been paralyzed with fear at the prospect of Rick Perry becoming the next President of the U.S.... Continue Reading →

Love, Italian style

Spring is bursting with new music and I’m like a kid in a candy store (make that HMV) these days, indulging in all these great tunes. Top of my list is a record that actually isn’t out yet, but one I’ve been enjoying via NPR’s First Listen: Album Previews. It’s called Rome and it’s a... Continue Reading →

Cross My Heart & Kiss My Elbow

I’ve done a bit of soul searching recently, a bit of contemplating on the deeper things in life, and it’s made me face up to some cold hard facts. Of course, as a shameless blogger, I feel compelled to share these thoughts with you, dear reader. Namely: 1. The no-panty-line panty is pure myth. 2.... Continue Reading →

This is What Childhood Sounds Like

1. Follow link to YouTube. 2. Press play. 3. Enjoy. We’ve got fireworks, confetti and making music by pounding on things! No cynicism, no scorn, no disbelief - only joy, only fun, only love. What more could you want? I’ve watched this Jonsi video ("Animal Arithmetric" from XLRecordings) a gazillion times and just marvel at... Continue Reading →

One hopes this isn’t a dead lizard

Funny thing recommending music to people. It’s quite personal - almost revealing – and you never quite know what reaction you’ll get. Sometimes I feel I’m the family dog retrieving your slippers and newspaper, and you’re pleased at the gifts I’ve delivered. Sometimes, however, I sense I’m the family cat, who’s just deposited a freshly-killed... Continue Reading →

Best of the BEST OF’s

Just a quick post here - a couple of invaluable resources for those of you keen to check out cool music and new bands from 2010. Both NPR Music and do a great job of publishing Top 10 lists along with audio clips and/or music vids of the bands. There are also podcasts to... Continue Reading →

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