Monday Morning Music – Little Foot Long Foot

I'm ignoring the laundry hanging out back, the dog hair all over the floor and the dishes in the sink for something far more important - music! So Amy Adams is currently attached to the long-gestating Janis Joplin film, 'Get It While You Can', and of course there are various threads circulating about her casting:... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Music – Shovels & Rope

O' Be Joyful! isn't just the name of Shovels & Rope's latest album, it's also how I feel when I listen to their earthy, raucous rock-n-roll. They're a two-piece combo consisting of Michael Trent from Texas and Cary Ann Hearst from Tennessee. They don't like labeling their music, but if you had to describe it... Continue Reading →

Sunday in the Plaza with… Das Fluff

This is the kind of thing you dream about – discovering you have hidden talents. Like finding buried treasure in your backyard, or perhaps a cache of secret weapons or super powers hitherto unknown. What would that feel like? What would you do with your gifts? If you’re Dawn Lintern of the band Das Fluff,... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Music – Sea Stars

Oh the holiday hangover, not the alcoholic kind, but the kids-on-ChineseNY-holiday-week-off-sleeping-late variety. So difficult to get out of bed when the alarm rings at 7am. But now EO and YO  are off at school and I'm connecting to a caffeine drip, revising my To-Do list - projects almost completed, ongoing, troublesome - and listening to... Continue Reading →

Punk On A School Night

We had a mosh pit! We had beer in plastic cups! We had shirtless guy crowd surfing! We had that dude with the cast on his arm – you know the one, slightly unstable, who points a finger at the lead singer like, ‘You should know me, man!’ We had a bit of a scene:... Continue Reading →

Country Ain’t Easy

In Hong Kong that is. Dwight Yoakam’s got a new CD out, Three Pears. It’s his first original album in seven years, a welcome surprise from a guy who’s done more acting than singing lately. So I was in HMV Central the other day, to pick up the new One Direction for EO and some... Continue Reading →

Election iPods

In the spirit of and all of the other researchers who've worked so hard debunking the whooping great lies swirling around this election, therockmom has taken on the task of finding a picture of Mitt Romney actually listening to music. Because it's important. We've heard about Romney's iPod and the jokes comparing his musical... Continue Reading →

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