If I Break Up With My Child’s School, Can We Still Be Friends?

Dear Outstanding Institute of Secondary Learning, Hey! I’ve been meaning to write you for a few weeks now. I hope I can speak freely and honestly here. First of all let me say that I absolutely do not want you to feel under-appreciated. I think you’re great! Really. And I know you cost a lot... Continue Reading →

Putting the ‘corporate’ in corporate rock

A week or so ago, my kids and I were invited to a press event for a new series of animated shorts designed to teach kids about money. YO and I went along mostly for the free food, and because we were curious - we don't usually get invited to these kinds of things. But... Continue Reading →

Move on Mommie Dearest, an update

Well, this Amy Chua kerfluffle has got legs! I didn't think I was exactly ahead of the curve when I posted about her Wall Street Journal article a few days ago. But people are still discussing - agreeing or venting - about her take-no-prisoners parenting tactics. Now on the WSJ site: a rebuttal from the... Continue Reading →

Best of 2010… so far

I'm stepping down from my soapbox this week - behave yourself, Miley - to talk about one of my favorite albums so far of 2010. Broken Bells' self-titled disc has been on steady rotation in my car and in my brain since I bought it a few months ago (call me quaint - yes, therockmom... Continue Reading →

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