2012: The Year in Random Thoughts & Obsessions

Forget those Best Of / Top 20 / Hot Lists, here's my year's worth of musings: The best music snap of the year (above). Comes from a Berlin disco. Found on the Twitter page of Stana Katic, who's one-half of the TV show, Castle, which my family can tell you I'm senselessly, annoyingly addicted to. It's... Continue Reading →

Old Boyfriends & New Loves

The LA Times profile promised a return to alternative goodness – not quite greatness and glory but something worthy of $11.99 on iTunes. Jane’s Addiction were back. Perry, Dave and Stephen joined by bass player, Chris Chaney, with some crucial help in the studio from Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio. Perry talked of... Continue Reading →

West Texas Boys: the good & the bad

It’s almost September and I haven’t filed on therockmom in over two months! What have I been doing? What have I been listening to? Well, aside from entertaining the girls these eight weeks of school holiday, I’ve mainly been paralyzed with fear at the prospect of Rick Perry becoming the next President of the U.S.... Continue Reading →

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