In the Dark

Welcome back, dear reader, it’s been a tough couple of weeks. And months. It’s been awhile. Thanks for reading and... A big Happy August Birthday to Christine - friend, roomie, concert buddy, LYLAS *** It’s a good time to mix cocktails. To read. To run. It’s a good time to lie down on the living room... Continue Reading →

The Gospel According to Aretha

On this Earth, our job is to spread the light and the goodness. To communicate and to listen in turn, to be there. To share. Because what’s more fun than to say to friends and family, complete strangers even, Hey, here’s something great, I think you might like this. It might even change your life.... Continue Reading →

Old Boyfriends & New Loves

The LA Times profile promised a return to alternative goodness – not quite greatness and glory but something worthy of $11.99 on iTunes. Jane’s Addiction were back. Perry, Dave and Stephen joined by bass player, Chris Chaney, with some crucial help in the studio from Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio. Perry talked of... Continue Reading →

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